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Welcome to Brickalicious, my Bricklink store!

This is a non smoking, pet free home. Everything we sell was purchased in new condition, by me personally. They have never been played with. Unless otherwise noted the entire inventory is in NEW condition... even if it was released in 1984..All parts are sorted and placed into zip lock bags for safe storage, then placed inside a large Rubbermade container with a secure lid, as well a location without the possibility of light damage.Minifigs are individually bagged.

This has been my lifelong hobby since I received my first set while John, Paul, George and Ringo were still known as The Beatles! This is not a job and joined Brinklink some time ago with the hopes of selling parts of my collections in order to complete others. I have hundreds and hundreds of complete Lego sets. I am planning to hold onto most of those but intend to put a few hundred minifigs for sale within the next few weeks dating from the early 1980's.

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