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Welcome to ....

Welcome to the Grand Opening of BionicBricks! All items are brand new unless otherwise stated and have been handled only for sorting and counting.

Please look around and if you have any questions, please email me at mkprk17@yahoo.com

Coming soon at BionicBricks....

More pieces....
Right now I know I don't have the biggest store but I'm working on it, so "stay tuned"....

Terms and conditions:
This section should answer any questions you have. (Long, but essential reading!)

Part Quality

New Parts
Unless otherwise stated, all of my parts are brand new and are handled only for sorting. These parts are the surplus that I do not require and sell to support my hobby/obsession! After sorting and counting, the parts are placed into an air conditioned/smoke free environment. Each set of parts is then placed in clean storage drawers. The room I store my parts is dedicated to this task. However - this does not mean I guarantee all my parts to be in immaculate condition. Please remember that most LEGO sets start their life in Denmark and are shipped over here, many are handled by shoppers in stores or mail companies. This can mean that some can have small imperfections such as mini scratches and scuffs on them. This is especially true on some of the smoother parts such as the larger slope bricks. But I will not sell rubbish parts that have deep scratches or dents. If you require pieces for customs kits - it is best to email me BEFORE you place your order and I will do my best to check the parts you need and make sure they are suitable. The rule I follow is 'would I be happy buying this part myself' and if the answer is no, then it is placed into the used part bin.

Used Parts
I'll rarely sell used parts, but on the rare occasion I might have some available for sale. If used pieces are available for sale, you can assume that unless otherwise stated, the piece is in a reasonable condition and is clean.


Domestic USA shipping
I charge a fee for shipping in the USA of how big the order is. If it is a large amount of products it will cost more, same with small packages, the smaller the cheaper. Its hard to determine the actually price but I will tell you in the invoice, sorry. Delivery is by Priority mail, usually inside official USPS boxes. Delivery confirmation is included at no extra charge.

Insurance is available and is charged at USPS cost price. If you do not take out insurance, then I am not responsible if your package goes missing or arrives damaged.

I have no fixed days for shipping but usually ship all week. Usually I ship the day after payment is received/clears. I will let you know by email if there are any delays to your order.


After placing your order, please wait for my invoice before sending payment. If you want to keep the order open so you can add more items to the order later (for example if I am in the middle of listing a large selection of parts and you want to see what else is coming up), then that is fine - just send me a quick mail to let me know and I will keep the order open for you for up to a month. Once the order status has been changed to 'packed', then the order cannot be added to - you will need to start a new one. I only pack the orders after payment is received.

Valid payment types
Paypal, money orders, & cash. CASH IS SENT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


The key to successful transactions on Bricklink is effective communication. Although BionicBricks is not my main job, I will always try to run it as though my lively hood depended on it. I will send you an invoice as soon as I possibly can, which in most cases is the same day. At all times I am available should you have any questions regarding your order, my stock inventory or anything else related to my store.

If you have ANY questions, concerns or suggestions - please email me at bionicbricks@yahoo.com and I will do all in my power to help you.

Many thanks and happy shopping!


Any queries about this store should be made to mkprk17@yahoo.com

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