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Greetings! The names J or J.D. or BigAl...or hey you...etc, etc. I have enjoyed playing with lego since my parents first purchased a few small sets for my brother and me when we were about 5 or 6...that of course was quite a while ago. The first ones I remember were a small police truck/van and an ambulance. We also had a police station and fire station about the same time. Our basement had a massive layout in our opinions...about 3-4 7 foot long tables set up with everything from town to space, pirate, and a bit of castle. My dark ages began when my brother had his graduation open house and we had to put it all away :( Hasn't really been out since then since we both went to college. In my junior year of college or thereabouts I saw some wild west sets at the store that I thought were cool and bought a few of those...to re-enter the lego world I knew and loved...and now, I run a store here and of course hunt for great stuff for my own personal stash. My 6yr old loves lego and quite often "helps" when we get a new assortment of stuff that comes in. We have started to work on a train layout as that is his other current obsession. My 4yr old loves to play but still hasn't started building as much as deconstructing other things. My 15 month old loves to play with duplo, although she'll steal anything she can get her hands on :) Swing on by the store and check it out when you have a chance or just say "Howdy!" "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" "You have been chosen...."
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